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Wendy Silinyana

Shared Interest, Program Consultant South Africa and Founder, Virtual Business Solutions

Wendy Silinyana is a distinguished entrepreneur, recognized for her numerous accolades. She is a fervent advocate for women and youth empowerment, a skilled connector, a forward-thinking futurist, a strategic visionary, and a results-oriented Social Entrepreneur. With more than 12 years of practical experience in brand strategy, entrepreneurship, event management, stakeholder engagement, and partnerships, she excels in these domains.

Presently serving as the Director and Franchisee of Africa's inaugural MiniBoss Business School, Wendy oversees the MiniBoss Johannesburg Business School in Sandton, an International Weekend Business School catering to children aged 6-17 years. She also holds the esteemed title of Women Entrepreneurship Day Organization Ambassador for WEDO, a UN Women organization.

As the founder of Virtue Business Solutions, Wendy established an enterprise development and business support service company aimed at empowering and assisting startup entrepreneurs. Her entrepreneurial endeavors extend to various initiatives and impactful events geared towards nurturing the entrepreneurial landscape. This includes initiatives like StartUp WakeUp, The Entrepreneurs Core, Designers Hub Initiative, Business Opportunities Roundtable (BOR), Style My Brand, My Afrika Travels, and Table of Influence.

Among her notable achievements, Wendy facilitated opportunities for local fashion designers to participate in the Hong Kong fashion Week and World Boutique in both 2015 and 2018. She also spearheads initiatives such as StartUp WakeUp, a platform aiding small businesses in navigating business challenges, and The Entrepreneurs Core, an evolving digital business support platform.

Furthermore, through platforms like Style My Brand, Wendy conducts Masterclasses and Seminars on personal branding and leadership, collaborating with renowned personal branding, neuroscience, and leadership coaches. Her commitment to fostering networks transcends borders with My Afrika Travels, a destination conferencing platform promoting global networking.

Notably, Wendy established the Table of Influence in 2020 as a vehicle for advancing transformation and empowering future women and youth leaders to effect positive change for generations to come.

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