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A gift from you today will help provide life-changing opportunities by opening the doors of credit, technical skills, and resources as our vulnerable communities navigate the economic devastation and public health crisis of the pandemic.

Ways To Give

Ways To Give

Your gift makes it possible for our beneficiaries to strengthen their pandemic response and provide opportunities to bolster post-COVID-19 economic recovery and resilience strategies for the next generation of emerging entrepreneurs, farmers, and communities in Southern Africa.

Wire Transfer Instructions

Please inform Shared Interest as soon as the funds have been transferred by emailing Should you need further information, please do not hesitate to call Amye Jameson, Director of Operations at (609) 638-0398.

Wire To:                         Shared Interest, Inc.

                                         1412 Broadway 21st Floor, Suite MA126

                                         New York, NY 10018


Attention:                     Ann McMikel, Executive Director


Beneficiary Bank:      Citibank, NA
                                         100 Citibank Drive

                                         San Antonio, TX  78245


SWIFT CODE:               CITIUS33

Routing Number:       021000089

Account Number:       27643436

Check Contributions

Please make checks payable to Shared Interest


Mail to

Shared Interest

1412 Broadway 21st Floor, Suite MA126

New York, NY 10018

Stock Donation Instructions

Below are the instructions from the Private Bank, but before the securities are transferred, we need to advise our Bank of the incoming particulars (# of shares of stock, Cusip # or Ticker symbol, sending broker’s DTC #) so they will not be rejected. Please notify Amye Jameson, Director of Operations at or call 609-638-0398.

Please provide the following Shared Interest account details to your broker in order to initiate your donation:

Receiving Institution:      Citigroup Global Markets Inc.

DTC Number:                       0443
Account Name                  Shared Interest Inc.
Account Number             C14-124801

Additional Questions

You can email Shukura Shears in our fundraising office at

Shared Interest is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization, as by section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. Your donation is deductible to the full extent allowed by law. 

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