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Justin Conway

Vice President of Investment Partnerships, Calvert Impact

Justin Conway is Vice President of Investment Partnerships at Calvert Impact, an impact investment firm helping people and institutions invest for racial, gender, economic, and climate justice. Justin leads the Community Investment Note program, is Chief Impact Officer of the Cut Carbon Note, is co-head of business development for the Mission Driven Bank Fund, and manages the Investor Relations team that has supported over 20,000 investors and financial professionals on their impact investing journeys. He also sits on the Staff Investment Committee, and led Calvert Impact’s subsidiary investment advisor in providing customized portfolio services to institutional investors.

Justin currently serves on the board of Aeris, which is focused on driving transparency and accountability in impact investing, and on advisory committees for US SIF, Envest Microfinance Cooperative, and the Global Impact Investing Network. He has also served on the boards of US SIF, the association of financial professionals engaged in ESG and impact investing, and Green America, dedicated to harnessing our economic power to create a sustainable world.

Before joining Calvert Impact:
Justin managed the Community Investment Program of the Social Investment Forum and Green America. Before that he worked on human rights in both Asia and Central America. He received a Master’s in Applied Economics from Johns Hopkins University and a Bachelor’s in Sociology and Statistics from James Madison University.

Outside of work, Justin enjoys:
Playing in and around Washington DC with his amazing wife and daughter.

Justin's favorite travel destinations are:

  • Wherever he's headed next

  • Mountains to snowboard with his daughter

  • Outer Banks with friends and family

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