Dyson Mandivenga

Program Consultant

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Dyson Z. Mandivenga is a Senior Independent Consultant and has been in the consultancy business for over seven years now. He is a very result-oriented, mature man who is very passionate about contributing to the growth of microenterprises and Small to Medium Businesses. He is a serious advocate of financial inclusion and a great admirer of emerging MFIs that uphold the basic tenets of Good Corporate Governance and technological innovations that assist empowerment of the poor. He firmly believes that small businesses of today shall become economic giants of tomorrow.

Dyson is a tried and tested professional banker with 30 extensive years, 20 years of which have been in Small Business and Microfinance.  He has worked with the poor at all levels on social upliftment and financial literacy. As former CEO of a Microfinance bank and Senior Consultant, Inclusive Finance and Regional Representative for Southern Africa, he has managed to create a lot of networks, raising funds from local Developmental Financial Institutions in USA, France and the Netherlands. He has implemented the Triple Bottom Line concepts and derives joy from working with Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP) clients. By achieving outreach, transformation and sustainability, these are the pillars of inclusive finance. innovation and creation of value chain financing in farming and promotion of digital platforms. These are some of the major milestones he has accomplished and contributed immensely to collective financial inclusion.

Through his past employment and his current consultancy assignments, he has gained multi-cultural knowledge as he has worked with clients and employees from Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya. To cap it all, he has had dealings with multinational organizations that include, DFID, GTZ, CARE International, SIDI, CIDA, MEDA, AfDB, IFAD, Enclude now Palladium, and Hivos, just to mention a few.
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