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Dorcas Onyango

Programs Director

Dorcas is a passionate, dedicated, and accomplished senior level professional and people leader who brings a wealth of public affairs, communications, and sustainability management experience from both the private and development sectors. With a track record spanning over 15 years, Dorcas has directed transformative brand and corporate communications, philanthropic or corporate social responsibility (CSR), business sustainability management & ESG partnerships and programs on behalf of global organizations.

Her experiences span social impact areas such as water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH), healthcare, education, women and youth empowerment, and financial inclusion initiatives. Dorcas is driven by a commitment to deliver meaningful social and environmental impact through measurable results and the provision of humanitarian aid to 
 diverse communities. She has taken the lead in developing strategies, designing and executing programs, and monitoring and evaluating their effectiveness. Additionally, she has played a pivotal role in increasing the impact and influence of organizations by establishing and branding strategic partnerships between the private and public sector and implementing stakeholder engagement convenings to improve the external reputation and relations of reputable organizations. Dorcas's deep knowledge has been honed through leading award-winning programs co-funded by renowned organizations such as Coca-Cola, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Clinton Global Initiative, the Global Fund, USAID, the World Bank, and the UN, among others. Through these partnerships, she has contributed significantly to Coca-Cola's reputation as a purpose-driven organization known for its success in promoting business sustainability through social and environmental impact, particularly in Eurasia and Africa.

Currently, Dorcas is leading a team of financial sector experts working in Southern Africa on behalf of Shared Interest to unlock local capital for SMEs. Their mission is to expand financial inclusion for small businesses. Dorcas and her team identify and structure partial credit guarantee deals, empowering banks and lenders to provide loans to financially marginalized but sustainable businesses that lack the collateral required by traditional banks. These guarantees prioritize women and previously disadvantaged communities, driving positive change and creating opportunities in the financial landscape for those who have been underserved in the past.

Dorcas's dedication extends beyond her professional endeavors. She serves on the boards of Akili Dada, an organization focused on empowering young women in Kenya, and Medicines for All People, which strives to improve access to medicines in disadvantaged communities. Additionally, she has been a member of the Cape Town Water Fund steering committee.

Dorcas Onyango is driven by her passion and commitment to leverage her professional skills and networks to contribute to a more equitable world. She is the founder of OCHAT, a community-based organization that implements education, food security, and health interventions in Kisumu Rural, Kenya, her hometown, and where several vulnerable members of the community reside.
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