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WEDNESDAY, September 27th  | 10 AM EDT / 4PM SAST

Driving Africa's Economic Transformation

through Fintech Innovation

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Using fintech to create a digital system for new entrepreneurs and markets is really important for reducing poverty and growing the economy. It helps more people have access to financial services and encourages innovation in other sectors such as agriculture. This webinar will explain why it's so important to help small businesses in Africa succeed by solving the problems fintech faces in getting funded.

Our Panel

Dorcas Onyango (Global Programs Director, Shared Interest) will moderate the discussion with leading experts to discuss some of the challenges and opportunities for harnessing the potential of homegrown fintech solutions across Africa - unlocking a new era of economic prosperity for small and-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurs. Juliana Rotich (Head of Fintech Solutions, Safaricom) will tell us how Fintech is empowering small businesses in Africa through innovative mobile money platforms like Safaricom. You will also hear from Ivan Oboth (Founder & CEO, Craft Insights IO, Makers of Mikono) who will discuss the information gap with banks and share information on the insights and technology driving financial inclusivity and how Mikono is scaling bookkeeping solutions. Khanya Ndzulukeka (Founder & CEO, Setana Capital) will discuss how Setana Capital is tailoring financial solutions to improve SMEs’ access to stock in South Africa.

Past Conversations

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