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The Power and Potential of Social Impact Investing 

in Black and Economically Disenfranchised Communities

in the U.S. and Southern Africa

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Today, driven by the global pandemic and pre-existing economic crisis, social and racial justice movements inspire new surges in impact investing and interest in sustainable development. The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) estimates the size of the worldwide impact investing market to be $1.164 trillion, which had been invested for impact in 2022. This is a significant milestone for the many important socially- and/or environmentally-focused organizations from additional financing options. It is also critical that young people from marginalized communities have access to knowledge and opportunities in this growing space of investment opportunity. It will also assist sustainably responsible investors as they prioritize the kinds of impact they seek to refine the most meaningful use of capital and their desired relationship between risk, return and positive impact to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

Our Panel

Join Tim Smith (Senior Policy Advisor at Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility) as he moderates a timely roundtable discussion with leading experts to discuss opportunities to promote racial justice through social impact investments. Dr. Grant Warner (Bank of America Endowed Professor of Entrepreneurship and Director at Center for Black Entrepreneurship) will join the conversation and discuss opportunities to bolster the next generation of Black entrepreneurs. Also joining the conversation are Pearl Wicks (Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer at Hope Credit Union), Justin Conway (Vice President, Investment Partnerships at Calvert Impact) and Ann McMikel (Executive Director, Shared Interest) to discuss the landscape of social impact investments and community development finance institutions that are driving economic development in Black communities in the US and Southern Africa.

Past Conversations

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