Shared Interest Spotlight: Thulare Monareng, Fashion Designer

Born in Soweto, raised in Swaziland, and educated in the United States and Europe, Thulare has launched her Fashion Deli stores in both Cape Town and NYC. Using her skills and influence, her vision is to create an authentic perception of Africa through her array of fashion and lifestyle products.

Once named the “Most Innovative Designer” at Cape Town Fashion Week, Thulare stresses the importance of promoting Southern African design in the United States. She notes “market access for Made in South Africa products will ultimately ensure job creation and the recognition of Southern Africa as a leading design powerhouse.”

Additionally, Thulare is an outspoken supporter of women’s empowerment in communities across Southern Africa. Her business venture, Fashion Deli, was founded on the structures of ethical and sustainable design.

We go to great lengths to source and work with designers who espouse these values, many of whom work with marginalized communities and women’s empowerment programs in rural areas.

Thulare’s work reflects both her passion towards her African roots, and a determined vision for promoting empowerment and sustainability. Join us in celebrating the creativity of entrepreneurs like Thulare, as we strive to improve and empower communities in Southern Africa.

Her work will be featured on the runway at Shared Interest’s Southern African Fashion & Craft Showcase on November 13th

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