April 19, 2017

 Danny Glover, Actor and Activist

When asked about Shared Interest's person-to-person development approach, Mr. Glover says "We must reimagine our relationship with each other.  Where do we find the new leadership; where do we find the new energy?  Where do we base the new relationships for the world, that world that works for everyone, not just a few, but everyone?"  

 “You can’t start a business with a contract,” observed B.T. Gumede, the driving force behind the Sihlangene Bus Company. “You need money for tires, diesel, buses. The bank said, ‘Hey guys, we don’t trust you, but we have someone we can trust overnight’” Mr. Gumede turned to the Shared Interest and Thembani visitors, saying, “Thank you. Without you we couldn’t start our business…And we look forward to going ahead.”

With a R10,000,000 Shared Interest guarantee, and some collateral of their ow...

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With your generous support, thousands more Southern Africans this year will gain access to local capital, secure livelihoods and hope for a better future.





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