Bridge the gap between subsidized and commercial credit by enabling emerging enterprises to "graduate" from subsidized finance,


Ensure all beneficiaries receive technical support, and provide an exit strategy for impact investors seeking to launch small businesses that can access credit on their own, 


Enable financial institutions responsibly to reach new markets of small businesses and smallholder farmers, 


Enable lenders to develop new products and serve new markets prudently first with, and then without guarantees.  

  1. Stakeholders who prioritize social impact invest in the Guarantee Fund

  2. Our trusted field partners provide on-the-ground advisory services: 

    • Build relationships with local financial institutions

    • Identify black entrepreneurs, small holder farmers, cooperatives with potential and significant impact in their communities

    • Provide technical assistance and capacity building to beneficiaries and lenders

    • Monitor and measure impact on a quarterly basis

  3. Shared Interest facilitates a letter of credit to the local financial institutions, which in turn makes a loan to the beneficiary

  4. The beneficiary receives the loan and repays it as the guarantee matures

  5. Investors receive the return of their principal, as well as the semi-annual interest payments

Guarantee Approval Process

Initial Due Diligence

Preliminary Guarantee Proposal

Formal Due Diligence

Credit Committee


Final Proposal & Closing

Letter of Credit Issued

 Due Diligence


  • Field Partner (FP) sources potential beneficiaries

  • Strength of management, risk factors and mitigants

  • Impact Measurement:  On a quarterly basis, Field Partner performs due diligence

  • Focuses on performance, risk and impact

  • Reports updated findings to the Credit Committee

Impact Measurement


On quarterly basis, Field Partners perform updated due diligence


  • Focus on risk and impact

  • Updated findings formally reported to Credit Committee