Dr. Adrienne Y. Bailey, Board Secretary

International Education Consultant

Dr. Adrienne Y. Bailey has worked in education, philanthropy and social policy at the local, state, national and international levels. She is currently a senior consultant providing strategic coaching and equity solutions to schools, districts and universities across the U.S and South Africa. Current clients, also, include the US Office of Education and edCounts. In her prior volunteer and professional work, she served as a trustee of the Southern Education and Hazen foundations and a senior administrator in various organizations including: Senior Program Officer, The Chicago Community Trust, Program Manager, The Stupski Foundation, District Liaison, Stanford University, Coordinator, Access to Success/University of Stellenbosch, Deputy Superintendent, Chicago Public Schools and Vice President, The College Board. Dr. Bailey has written and spoken widely on issues of academic standards, assessment and equity.

For over 25 years, her volunteer efforts, under the auspices of the Links, Incorporated program Building Schools in South Africa and the National Council of African Women, have focused on establishing education partnerships and supporting international exchange, along with youth and economic development throughout the Gauteng, Kwazulu-Natal and Western Cape Provinces. Dr. Bailey has also served as a consultant/adviser for numerous projects focused on systemic reform involving local educational agencies in Namibia and Jamaica.

She received her BA in French, from Mundelein College, MEd in Education Sociology from Wayne State University and PhD in Educational Administration, Social Policy and Leadership from Northwestern University.



With your generous support, thousands more Southern Africans this year will gain access to local capital, secure livelihoods and hope for a better future.





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